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Patent Search Service

We provide a detailed initial report by conducting Patent Search in SIPO, USPTO, EPO, Japanese Patent Abstracts, INPADOC Patents and PCT databases, that cover 40 National Offices and we also run a search in the individual country databases online depending on the instructions of our clients. The initial search report will be a comprehensive information spread sheet that will identify all relevant patents and then we work along with the intellectual property law department of the client to narrow down the patents and study them. We interact with the client every step of the way and ensure that the clients interest is fully protected. We cover scientific publications also apart from patent databases in our prior patent search if so required by the client. Your disclosure will be re-directed to our pre-qualified patent searcher. Search results will be referred to a qualified patent attorney or patent agent for an unbiased opinion as to your prospects for success with a national or regional Patent Application.

And most importantly we do not ask for detailed disclosures from the client. Our role is to provide a support service and just that. In most cases, clients do not disclose much of information to us except what is needed to do the patent research. And that is adequate for our patent researchers who are highly qualified and have advanced degrees in Medicine, Life Sciences like Microbiology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, Automobile Engineering, and Communications and Computer Sciences and Software Engineering.

We provide a search report which is customized to meet the requirements of each client and our standard report meets most of the normal requirements. Our motto in preparing the report is to meet the specific requirements of each client as per their specifications which we have found in practice to vary from industry to industry and from project to project.

We charge for our services on an hourly basis and that covers costs of the database access charges for Delphion. Where we use specialized patent databases like STN, we charge our clients the costs of the actual expenses incurred while accessing the databases in addition to hourly rates of our Services. We are also open to suggestions from clients for a regular monthly retainer fee arrangement where the client agrees to retain us for a minimum period of one year to provide our services.

No one in the patent search and opinion business guarantees results (e.g., that all relevant documents will be uncovered and/or the agent/attorney's professional opinion about the possibility of obtaining a patent will ultimately be found to be correct). Similarly, our Patent Search Service offers no such guarantee.

We ask, however, that those who use our service provide thoughtful feedback on their experience so that we can take steps to ensure that every customer has a positive and beneficial experience. Based on your input, we will continue to commit to seeing that the best patent search and opinion will be available at a reasonable cost.

You may have a great idea, and more in the pipeline. Spend a relatively small amount of money to qualify each invention before rushing into a costly patent application process or even more costly product launch. Here's how:

Our Patent Search Service offers a comprehensive search of both Chinese and Foreign Data Bases. The search plus legal patentability opinion is offered for a single price of $550.00. To ensure earliest possible delivery, the report and opinion will be transmitted to you via E-mail, unless otherwise requested.

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