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Turnaround & Prices Quality Procedure ( China Patent Translations Professionals & Associates ) has professional translators who have been providing technical and patent translations to research development and patent law firms around the world particularly in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and most of European countries since 1999.

Our patent translation services include: PCT/Paris Convention Patent Applications. Filing Document for Patent Prosecution and Litigation, Certified Document for Legal Purposes, Technical and Scientific Translations. We provide full patent and technical translation services for corporate firms, organizations, inventors and individuals specializing in the translation of  description, claims, abstract, the text accompanying the figures, International search report, international preliminary search report, patent research report, official examination action, in particular, PCT/Paris Convention patent applications for filing in Mainland China, Taiwan, US, Canada, and other countries with English as an official language.etc.

We provide translations including drawings which meet the requirements for filing with specific patent offices, including the State of Intellectual Property Office of P. R. China (SIPO), Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), European Patent Office (EPO), and other patent offices.

If you have patent filings in both Mainland China and Taiwan, you can avoid translating one application twice and save cost by working with us. We can provide a traditional Chinese translation for filing in Taiwan based on a simplified Chinese translation for filing in Mainland China with a small extra fee.

Translation for Patent Prosecution and Litigation Purposes with the Option of a Certified Translation. We translate Office Actions and references for patent prosecution, and translate documents related in patent litigation.

We also provide certified translations for use in patent offices or courts in China, US  and Canada as required. Notarization of translations is also available.

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