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Welcome to Chinese Patent Translation Professionals & Associates ( China Patent Translations Professionals & Associates ) has professional translators who have been providing technical and legal translations to research development and patent law firms around the world particularly in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan and most of European countries since 1999.

We are specialist translators in the patent, technical and legal fields. We are a fast, accurate and confidential translation professional service provider, making sure that our services meet the quality requirements, budget and time constraints of our customers in the best possible way. For nearly eight years, professionals such as yourself at hundreds of corporate law firms and organizations have solved their patent and technical translations by working with us for their Chinese patent translation needs.

All of our technical translators are specializing in their particular languages and subject combinations. When you work with, no additional third party is involved. As a result, not only are your costs lower, but there is less risk of misunderstanding since you do not need to communicate to a translator through a broker. We specialize in just a handful of languages - in particular between our mother tongue language Chinese and English, Japanese, Korean and French, as the demand for translation of technical and legal information into Chinese is particularly strong in these languages. However, we also translate patents, articles from scientific and medical journals and other technical materials from a number of other languages, including German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, etc.

Translation Areas of Expertise
Currently, we have more than 100 contracted translators who specialise in English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic and more. We provide full patent and technical translation service for corporate firms, organizations and individuals particularly specializing in the field of:

Patent Translation

Including description, claims, abstract, the text accompanying the figures, International search report, international preliminary search report, patent research report, official examination action etc.

Technical Translation

Including design specifications, manuals and user guides, functional specifications, software documentation e-books, catalogues, user guides/manuals (network, LAN/WAN, security, etc.), product catalogues (quick installation guides, user’s guides, etc.), manuals, product descriptions, SAP training and manuals etc.

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